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'To Trust Like Eve' print

'To Trust Like Eve' print

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This is a detailed print of my original painting 'To Trust Like Eve'.

I am doing a small series of paintings inspired by your 2023 ‘words of the year’. This second painting is of Mother Eve. I have wanted to paint her for years, but the time never felt right. Last week when I asked you all what your word of the year for 2023 was, so many of you said ‘trust’. As I read that word over and over, I kept thinking of Eve. There are so many attributes that she embodies, but to me one of the biggest is trust. Trust that God had a more beautiful plan for her than she could imagine, trust that her choices were for a reason, even though they didn’t make sense in the moment, trust that everything would work out exactly as it should. 

I have learned so much from her beautiful example of faith and trust. I picture her in the magnificent garden, conflicted and full of emotion, choosing to eat the fruit and trusting that God had a purpose for her. I think that we don’t always give her the credit she deserves. To me she has always been an example of an incredibly wise, emotionally intelligent woman who knew that there was more to life. With her choice came a lot of pain and sadness, but also an incredible amount of joy, love, and potential. I strive to trust like Eve. To trust that God is with me, that He has a plan for me, that He knows and understands all the things I don’t, that He holds me in His hands and watches over me, that He knows my potential and all the things I can do and become with Him, that He will see me through the sorrows I experience.

I am so grateful for Eve’s example, her faith, and her trust. I hope that I can trust like Eve.


I use a beautiful, heavy-weight, acid-free paper for my prints. Prints come unframed and signed by the artist. All of my prints are border-less. Each print is placed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from moisture while traveling to you, and mailed in a rigid envelope.

Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

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