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'He Binds Up The Broken-hearted' print

'He Binds Up The Broken-hearted' print

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A detailed print of my original painting titled ‘He Binds Up The Broken-hearted'

I’ve had this image in my head for a long time and finally decided to paint it. Over the past few years, Kintsugi has become incredibly symbolic to me of my relationship with the Savior. Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery") is a Japanese pottery technique, where cracks in the pottery are put back together with a gold lacquer. The cracks are considered a beautiful part of the pottery’s history. Something that has made the pot even more beautiful and valuable than it was before. The Savior has done this for me time and time again. He takes the parts of my life that feel shattered, and turns them into something more beautiful than I ever imagined. 

As I go through life and experience hard things, I am often filled with gratitude for those difficulties, because they have brought me so close to Christ. I know that He suffered for all of my individual pain. He knows all of my experiences, my trials, my difficulties, my fears, my brokenness. And because He knows my pain so deeply, He has the power to heal and bind me up in ways that no one else can. My brokenness connects me with Him and makes me one with Him. I would go through all the heartbreak again, because it is how I came to know and love Him. 

In this painting, you can see that the Kintsugi connects Christ to the person He is hugging. I really wanted to make the person  He is hugging abstract enough that anyone could imagine that it is them. You can’t tell if it is a man or woman, you can’t tell what skin color they have or what they look like. I hope that when you see this piece you can imagine that He is hugging you, binding up your broken heart, healing you and helping you become something more beautiful than you could ever imagine. 

Prints are printed with a full bleed (no border). They are placed in a plastic sleeve for protection and shipped in a rigid mailer.

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