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'Consider The Birds In The Sky' print

'Consider The Birds In The Sky' print

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This is a detailed print of my original painting 'Consider The Birds In The Sky'.

My first couple years after graduating college were full of so much anxiety, fear and periods of depression. Trying to find a job, feeling major financial stress, feeling unsure in my purpose, then starting my own business, putting Michael through Dental school, trying to support our family, and thinking about all the debt we would have after. 

Learning to trust in the Lord and His plan has been a massive challenge for me. Years later, now that we are almost done with Dental school and my business has grown into a reliable career, it is easy to look back and see how God has provided for me all these years. But when you’re in the middle of it, it is so so hard. When you are enduring trials and uncertainty, anxiety, financial burdens, spiritual burdens, strife in relationships and more, things can seem hopeless. 

This week I was studying Matthew chapter 6 which inspired the song ‘Consider The Lilies’. My favorite line from that song is “Consider the birds in the sky, how they fly, how they fly. He feeds the birds in the sky. And He will feed those who trust Him, and guide them with His eye.” As I pondered this scripture and this song, I felt so touched by the message. If He loves the birds in the sky, imagine how much He must love you. He feeds them, and He will feed you. Christ asks us to trust Him. Trust that 

He has a plan that is more beautiful than we know. We only see a moment, but He sees everything. He knows every little detail of your life. 

This painting poured out of my hands as I thought about this scripture. When I look at it it reminds me to trust Him, just like the birds in the sky do. 

Prints are printed on high quality paper with a full bleed, no border. Prints are carefully packaged in a plastic sleeve before shipment. All sales are final. 

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