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'Christ And The Children' Print

'Christ And The Children' Print

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A detailed print of my original painting titled ‘Christ And The Children’.

I’ve wanted to create this painting for so long! So many of you have asked me over the past year if I was ever going to paint Christ with children. After a lot of pondering, sketching, and trial and error, I finally have a finished piece that captures what I wanted it to. A piece that represents how very safe I’ve felt with Christ since I was a child. I chose very specific warm colors for this painting - colors that remind me of safety, belonging, and home. In this piece I wanted there to be many different types of children represented. I so deeply want ALL children to be able to look at this painting and picture themselves with Jesus. All children should be able to see themselves in artwork - I believe that is so so important! I also wanted to include a few Angel children. An Angel baby and a sweet Angel girl picking forget-me-not flowers, dancing in the fields of heaven with Christ. Your Angel babies will never forget you, just as you will never forget them. Their big brother is taking extra special care of them.

Many of you have asked for a piece like this to hang in a nursery, or a child’s room. I felt it was also very important to include some Angel babies in this painting for those who may not have a nursery or a child’s room to put it in. You can have this painting in your room, to keep that precious soul close to you. I hope this painting is meaningful to you, I hope it can be symbolic of the very special children in your life, whether they are here with you on earth, or dancing with their big brother in heaven. 

Colors may vary due to monitor settings. 

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