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'All My Joy, All My Pain' print

'All My Joy, All My Pain' print

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This is a detailed print of my original painting 'All My Joy, All My Pain'.

I love to paint Christ on the Sabbath. I think painting is my favorite form of worship. It’s definitely how I feel like I’ve come to know Christ. 

I wanted to paint Christ as I most often picture Him, which is in prayer. Full of emotion, at peace, talking with His father. Picturing Him like this feels so real to me. I look at this and think yes, that is my Jesus. 

There is a beautiful song by Fabrizio Paterlini that I’ve been loving recently titled ‘All My Joy, All My Pain.’ I think that perfectly encapsulates who the Savior is. He knows and understands all my joy AND all my pain. That’s what I wanted to capture in this painting. The joy and the sorrow. The bad and the good. Because we need both to become who He knows we can be. I think depending on what you are going through, He may look peaceful and joyful in this painting, or He may look sorrowful. Wherever you are in your life, I hope this painting helps you to feel Him with you. He feels and understands it all. 

How grateful I am for a Savior who understands it all.

All my joy, all my pain.

Prints are printed on high quality paper with a full bleed, no border. Prints are carefully packaged in a plastic sleeve before shipment. All sales are final. 

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