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'Abiding' Print

'Abiding' Print

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A detailed print of my original painting titled 'Abiding'. 

This painting depicts the Shepherds abiding in the fields, pointing to the new star. I loved this title because it points to both the Shepherds and to Christ. The Shepherds faithfully abided with their sheep, waiting for the sign of Christ. And Christ continually abides with all of us. I did a lot of research about shepherd as I prepared to paint this piece, and I learned so many interesting things. I learned that it was often a family career that involved women and children, not just men. I also learned that shepherds were often considered outcasts and looked down upon because ‘to smell like sheep was a mark of shame’. The symbolism of this is just so beautiful. How ironic is it that these very shepherds who were looked down upon were the men and women that would raise the sheep for temple sacrifices? They were simultaneously shamed and desperately needed, just like Christ. Christ Himself was called the Good Shepherd. He too was considered an outcast, and looked down upon. Yet He would be the one to redeem us all.

The shepherds teach me that the Lord comes to everyone. The proud, the rich, the humble, the poor, the ‘insignificant’. No one is above or below His love.

As outcasts, the Shepherds that night probably though they would be the last people to be visited by an Angel and to get to see and hold the Savior of the world. But they were the first. I loved painting this shepherding family, I imagine that they were faithfully watching over their flocks when they heard the good news. I cannot imagine the joy that they must have felt in that moment.

I use a beautiful, heavy-weight, acid-free paper for my prints. Prints come unframed and signed by the artist. All of my prints are border-less.

Each print is placed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from moisture while traveling to you, and mailed in a rigid envelope.

Colors may vary due to monitor settings

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