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'The Way That She Blossomed Was Beautiful' 5x7 original painting

'The Way That She Blossomed Was Beautiful' 5x7 original painting

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An original painting sized 5x7 inches titled 'The Way That She Blossomed Was Beautiful'. 

Whenever Valentine’s day season comes around, I get to thinking a lot about self worth and self love. I think about artwork I would have loved to have around me as a young girl and teenager. One thing I would love to remind my younger self (and my current self) of, is that the way I am blossoming and growing is beautiful. I am whole, worthy, and enough just as I am. This painting was born from those themes. In it we see a girl nourishing herself, pouring water on the beautiful flowers growing out of her head. Not a selfish act, but an act of self love. She is putting effort into herself, becoming who she is supposed to be. Butterflies, a symbol of transformation and hope, surround her. 

I think many of us throughout our lives have gotten stuck in the trap of comparison. Why do we look at the way others are blooming and think that they are so much more beautiful and worthy than we are? Maybe if we saw more messages reminding us that we are enough, we might start to recognize it. As an artist, I want to put out into the world messages that are meaningful to me and have changed my life. This is one of them.

I hope that this painting can be a reminder to you that you are so incredibly valuable, worthy, full of promise and potential, and that the way you are blossoming is beautiful. 

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