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'She Thought She Was Broken, But She Was Blooming' 5x7 original painting

'She Thought She Was Broken, But She Was Blooming' 5x7 original painting

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An original painting sized 5x7 inches titled 'She Thought She Was Broken, But She Was Blooming'. 


October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Every year I like to create a special painting on this day. Mental Health Awareness is extremely important to me, and I am passionate about helping anyone who struggles with mental health to feel seen and understood. 

Throughout my life I’ve battled with OCD, anxiety, and depression. I think that one of the worst things mental illness does is trick you into thinking you are alone. You aren’t. The latest statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health Disorders report that 1 in 4 people have struggled with mental health at some period during their life. 

We are surrounded by others who are experiencing similar struggles, and speaking about it helps immensely. I truly believe that a sense of belonging, feeling seen and understood has the power to save and change lives. 

In this painting you see a woman with her knees curled to her chest. Rain pours on her, and Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery") covers her dress. Flowers grow out her head, her head that she often feels is broken beyond repair. Learning about Kintsugi has helped me to reframe my mental illness. Instead of ‘what is wrong with me’ or ‘why am I so messed up’, I have begun to say ‘this is what makes me special’ and ‘my mental health struggles have made me compassionate to others, and have helped me grow into something beautiful.’

To anyone struggling with mental health I wish I could say, you are a beautiful masterpiece just as you are. Your brokenness is a part of what makes up your beautiful soul. You are not alone. You are blooming, though you may not feel like it yet.

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